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activemyth in Thessaloniki  (7 days)

This retreat is based in the urban environment of Thessaloniki. Merging fitness with cultural discoveries, the retreat offers a fusion of diverse training and sport activities, along with outdoor, culinary and sight-seeing activities. 


The package includes:

 7 nights in a modern boutique 4* hotel in 2-bed rooms. The hotel is located in the city center & features a spa facility

 Sport & Training activities (sail, hike, mountain bike, fitness trainings), offered exclusively by certified instructors. For more details see the list below

 Walking and bike tours within the city and to historic sites in and around the city, offered by local licensed tourist guides

 Welcome dinner with distinguished local cuisine

 Breakfast prepared with local, traditional and fresh products

 A daily healthy food box lunch offering

 Transport where necessary

The price of the retreat is 2280 CHF. Number of guests: 6 to 8​ persons.


The flight from Switzerland to Thessaloniki is not included in the package price. Flights can be separately organised via activemyth in collaboration with our partner travel agency.

Since availability could be restricted, we recommend booking early.

Direct flights from Zurich (via SWISS) and Basel (via Easyjet) to Thessaloniki are available. 

The city

Thessaloniki counts 23 centuries of history. It is the second largest city in Greece and a prominent center in its region. Erected by the sea, Thessaloniki has evolved into a modern-day metropolis, with its stormy history and cosmopolitan character dressing the city in a veil of distinct charm. 

The numerous historical sites & museums, the vast sea views, and a remarkable local cuisine, reputed as one of the best in the country, make the city easy to fall in love with.

Guardian described Thessaloniki as “Greece’s second city but its gastronomic capital” in 2015. In June 2017, its characteristic cuisine was praised by the French magazine MasterChef.

Thessaloniki is characterized by its own unique pace, both relaxing and vivid, inviting visitors to partake and discover its mysteries.

The training

TRX-Suspension (1 Training)

Intensive functional total body workout with exclusive use of the body's own weight.

Bootcamp (2 Trainings)

Interval fitness training designed for strength and endurance.

Surfset (1 Training)

A unique workout inspired by the sport of surfing. It combines elements of aerobic, muscle build, balance and core training. 

Pilates Reformer (1 Training)

A more intense and dynamic form of Pilates which adds resistance to the usual exercises. 

The Outdoors

Mountain Biking

Did you know 80% of Greece is mountainous? Enjoy a one of a kind biking experience along terrains that combine sea and mountain views.

Hiking on Mount Olympus

Experience a day on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and home of the Greek gods, according to the Greek mythology.


Captain for a few hours! The gulf of Thermaikos is suitable for sailing and one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Thessaloniki.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, all the upcoming retreats for the next months have been cancelled. Hopefully we will soon be able to announce our next retreats!

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